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Published: Tuesday, May 28 at 7:05 AM - Expires: Midnight Tuesday, May 28

All reports are for planning only. By continuing, you agree to judge all water conditions for yourself and assume all related risks.

For the Deerfield River at Great River Hydro's Harriman Development, Readsboro VT

For the river below the project where the spill and the powerhouse flow combine:
Today 6:56 AM 1,055 CFS

The total spill below the dam is 72 CFS.
Similar conditions are expected to continue through MIDNIGHT Tonight.

The following forecast for flows below the dam is based on the most recent load forecast from the New England Independent System Operator which schedules and dispatches generation throughout the region:

Until 5:00 PM Today 72 CFS
From 5:00 PM Today until 6:00 PM Today 576 CFS
From 6:00 PM Today until Midnight Tonight. 72 CFS


Flows will often differ from this forecast for reasons beyond the company's control including regional energy demand and clearing price, system operating conditions, equipment failures and weather.

All published flows are approximate and forecasts are estimated based upon anticipated energy demand and costs in addition to weather conditions. Actual flows will vary and can change quickly at any time. Stay alert and wear an approved flotation device. Never go in or near the water until you know and accept the risks you are assuming by entering this area!

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