The Waterline National Toll-Free
River Information Hotline
Waterline operates a FREE national telephone hotline that speaks the same current flow information and forecasts over the phone that you get here on the Web. In addition, Waterline gives current river level information for hundreds of other river gauge and release sites in the United States. Flow information is available for a number of these sites as well. Waterline can put up virtually any site in North America if enough users request that site. To submit your vote for one or more sites, Contact Us.

Waterline is totally automated and is the largest single telephone source of river level and flow reports in the United States. Waterline operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Most Waterline river reports are updated 6 to 24 times per day with satellite data directly from the gauges.

Waterline is incredibly fast and simple to use, just call the 800 report number of your choice, enter the six-digit code for the site you want and listen to the report. You can interrupt any report with another site code any time you have heard enough of any report.

The site codes and additional information are available here on the Web or by calling Waterline Customer Service at 800-945-3376 during Eastern Time business hours. Getting started is as easy as 1 2 3. Just 1) get the six-digit site codes for the sites(s) you want, 2) pick the Waterline 800 report number that matches your river interests and 3) call. It is that simple!

Try this! To really get a sense of how Waterline's Web site and telephone hotline work together, click to the FlowCast Sites page here on this site and pick a forecast report. When the report comes up on your screen, pick up your (touch tone) phone and dial whichever 800 number corresponds to your interests (boating or angling). When the voice on the phone prompts you to "enter a six digit gauge code", enter the six digit code that shows in bold type just before the site name at the top of the report. The voice on the phone will read you the script on your screen. Keep the codes that interest you with you and try calling them from your cell phone next time you're on the way to the river.