National River Levels and Flow Forecasts

Current Water Levels and Flow Forecasts for Your Favorite Rivers
Are a Web-Click or Free Phone Call Away!

Waterline is a national electronic publication that reports river flow forecasts and current water levels over the telephone and on the Web.

Waterline flow forecasts are provided by controllers of the hydro sites and are updated in real time. These forecasts are published simultaneously on the telephone hotline and here on Waterline's Web site.

Other river readings are taken from river gauges that report over NOAA's satellite system. These readings are taken directly from the satellite feed and are usually available on Waterline within an hour from the time they are transmitted from the gauge.


Waterline reports are current, accurate, convenient and FREE. Whether you're using rivers for work or recreation, Waterline is the quickest and simplest way to find out about current river conditions. A growing number of site operators provide their data directly to Waterline using FlowCast ©, Waterline's electronic data reporting system. Reports for these FlowCast sites are only available here at this site on the Web and on Waterline's toll-free telephone hotline.

River level readings from public gauges are available elsewhere on the Web but most of these readings are only available by phone on the Waterline hotline. The telephone hotline is a great complement to the Web. The Web is a wonderful thing when you're at your computer but if you're an active river user, you spend a lot of time away from your computer. Conditions change while you're on the road and so do your plans. With Waterline, you can use your cell phone or any touch tone phone to get the information you need while traveling, camping or even while you're on the river!

Waterline can provide telephone access to water level and/or flow information for almost any river gauge readings published on the Internet or available on the GOES satellite system. If you would like reports for sites that are not already on Waterline, please let us know. And let hydro site operators know you are interested in forecasts for their sites and tell them about Waterline. Please Contact Us for coverage of sites not listed.